Time is on Jagger’s side

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

I read that 65-year-old classic rock singer/songwriter/musician Mick Jagger runs eight miles a day, engages in dance, yoga and just about everything that involves physical exercise. Eight miles? Is that right? Does the running take place outside or on an indoor treadmill? How long does it take Sir Mick to run an almost-half marathon each morning?

I checked Jaggers’ workout stats on the Internet and according to dozens of Web sites, time is on Mick’s side to run such distances each day. Perhaps it helps to have a bevy of housekeepers, managers and all-around help to free up Mr. Jagger’s time so that the Rolling Stones’ lead singer can keep his physique.

Sir Mick reportedly weighs in at 140 lbs., is 5’9″ and has a size 28 waist. Mick said that people constantly tell him that he doesn’t eat. Those harsh accusations are patently false according to personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists. Yes, it helps to have those folks around to make sure that you’re doing the right thing since this 65-year-old legend is a toothpick – a healthy one at that.

Honestly, people say that I’m thin, but I’m about three inches shorter than Sir Mick and weight exactly the same. I haven’t had a 28-inch waist since fifth grade. OK, I’m increasing the crunches and well, the miles, but I don’t have Mick’s time. Perhaps I could run in place at work or when I cooking dinner for my daughter.  The big advantage with Jagger is that when he’s working in concert, he’s also working out. Sir Mick logs 12 miles during a typical Rolling Stones concert. He must feel like a slouch when he’s not touring or even recording with the band.

I confess that I feel quite lazy after learning about a senior citizen’s ambitious workout agenda, but reading about people like Jagger inspires me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want to look like Jagger. If I attempt to carbon copy his lifestyle, I think I would collapse from exhaustion and malnutrition. No, I’ll never have Jagger’s amazing physique, but just knowing that a 65-year-old male can do such a tough workout gives me reason to keep going.


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