Now That’s Dedication

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After more than 25 years I’m still in awe of them. They seem to have boundless energy. I’m writing of my sister and brother-in-law from Northeast Ohio, who are celebrating their silver anniversary in 2012. I met them the other week on Friday night at Abbott’s Bar and Grill, located in that area where Duluth and Johns Creek zig-zag on 141 near Abbott’s Bridge. They were in town for their 17-year-old daughter’s soccer tournament. We met for dinner at the restaurant with live music emanating from the eatery’s small bar area. As the band’s cover of songs like The Turtles’ “Happy Together” thumped through the meal, we caught up “all-things-family.”  

On that Saturday afternoon, Bob and Debi found their way through the throngs of LSU and Georgia football fans to get to the aquarium. They were beyond impressed.

The next night, my daughter and I went up to Fowler Park in Cumming. I bravely took the Toyota through the south Forsyth County darkness to find this massive complex. This is a maze of multiple lacrosse and soccer fields accompanied by the other part of the Big Creek Greenway trail. Indeed it’s a whole new world up there even though it’s on Georgia route 141, the same thoroughfare that goes through our next of the woods.

After much talking and texting with my sister as to just where her daughter was playing, we finally found them. Rachel was with her team on the farthest field at Fowler Park. The sun had already set as the early December metro Atlanta chill set in. We watched these young tough ladies pound the soccer balls with their feet and heads. I never realized that teen soccer is such serious business. Uber-dedicated parents like my sister and brother-in-law, coaches, judges and even college recruiters descend on places like Fowler Park to absorb themselves in this highly physical, competitive game. Rachel’s a goalie. It wasn’t a great night for her. The opposing team from Ponte Vedra, Florida came too close to the wide goal Rachel covered, according to her mother.

We froze as we watched the game carry on – hoping that the stands would have hot chocolate at halftime. No dice. The dedicated fans and players forged on until 8 p.m. EST on that Saturday night. It was well worth it.

My brother-in-law, sister and niece hopped back into their Toyota Prius after yet another game on that chilly Sunday morning to make the trek back up to Cleveland, Ohio. They have been doing these trips for what seems like years. Now that’s dedication.


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