The UPS driver always honks

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’m adding this one after it was “released” in December 2011 with a few additions towards the end:

I was on Facebook the other day and a “Like” button for the UPS driver came up on the right sidebar. I couldn’t resist accepting the “Like” offer and would like to extend it beyond the UPS driver to the postmen and women, Fed-Ex and any other professional delivery driver. It was at that moment I thought, “‘Tis the season for these brave women and men who negotiate our confusing streets in metro Atlanta to deliver the goods to us.”

I suppose that if I had to join the ranks of delivery drivers, I would do it in the most reluctant manner possible. I say to those who have the courage to deliver packages in massive gas-guzzling vehicles going door-to-door dodging hyper dogs, haphazard-SUV-driving-Peppermint-latte-laced soccer moms on Smartphones and wayward footballs into the streets, “You are my heroes!”

Bah humbug to those who don’t believe in Santa or Hanukkah Harry (I’m remiss if I’m leaving out a character for Kwanzaa)! Keep those innocent childhood dreams alive for the children because someone is getting those gifts to them. You need not put the kibosh on their fantasies until they’re at least in the fourth grade or whenever they discover the hard work of those men and women in uniform who battle the outdoor elements to deliver packages from Grandma in Florida.

Each year, my daughter’s godmother from San Diego puts together her very own creative package filled with gifts for her. Mimi knows my daughter’s interests and buys accordingly. She places all the gifts in recycled boxes stuffed with newspaper and wrapped in Trader Joe’s paper bags. It’s such a treat when I see the headlight emanating from a delivery truck hitting my yard. I soon find out that those lights are coming from the Fed-Ex driver who quickly pulls around the corner to my house in the December darkness to jump out of the truck to deliver the special packages. I’m ever so grateful to Mimi, my daughter’s godmother and others who put so much time and effort into putting their own touch on their gifts. They, along with the delivery drivers do not know how much I have always appreciated them. Just the other day, the UPS driver pulled up to the garage to deliver my daughter’s trampoline. Yeah, like I really need this contraption in the backyard after hours of assembly with high-tension springs. Wow, the things we go through for our kids. The UPS driver pulled the 148 pound package out of the back of the truck and expertly put it in my garage. I can only say in this brief space, “Thank You!”


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