Faux winter

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It sounds like a broken record by now that we did not experience a “real winter” and spring has sprung early. Does this “faux winter” mean that we’ll have an even hotter, buggier, muggier spring and summer? Another thought: could we see a return to drought conditions even more severe than just five years ago? While we all know that a hot summer is always guaranteed in the metro area, will the warmer seasons be unbearable? From personal experience, a mild winter or cold winter doesn’t always translate into a stifling or unseasonably cooler spring and summer. In mid-March 1993, we experienced the Storm of the Century which dumped quite a bit of snow on the metro area just about a week before the start of spring! The following summer was hot. I remember a few triple digits. Likewise, many of us were stuck in our homes for five days due to ice in January 2011. The late spring through early autumn 2011 seasons featured one of the longest series of 90+ degree Fahrenheit days on record.

I scoured around the Web looking for conclusive answers and the result was inconclusive. Many took a cluster of ten warm winters followed by their summers and averaged out the numbers – only to find that warm winters do not necessarily translate into hot summers. And the reverse is true that hot summers are not always followed by mild winters into the next year. Furthermore, there have been instances where March was mild and early April yielded some cold temps. There was one year when March was quite mild. Spring break was held in early April and I came back from my Florida trip to hear freezing temps. I quickly had turn on the furnace as a few flakes were spotted outside.

As I was biking in our pollen-shrouded neighborhoods here in mid-March, a few incredibly obvious thoughts came to mind. The weather mavens can somewhat guess the behavior of our long-term weather patterns, but those experts will never be 100 percent accurate. Even if we are headed for a chilly spring break followed by the hottest summer on record, we cannot do a thing about it. Indeed, we are able to practically deal with the onslaught of 90+ degree and triple-digit days by tuning up the house and car A/C units, stocking up on fans, drinking cool drinks, staying in the shade and wearing shorts, short sleeves and sunglasses. But, are we able to mentally prepare for a muggier, buggier summer? My answer is inconclusive.


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