Spring break 2012

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As we head into spring break, it seems like the Atlanta metro area is traffic-choked. Is the heavy traffic happening because folks are tying up loose end before getting out of town? It’s incredible how we can go from one week of insane traffic volume on the roads to what appears to be a ghost town the next. On Friday afternoons before spring break’s start, I wince looking at the Downtown Connector flooded with a sea of vehicles and 18 wheelers at a standstill reflecting the hot Georgia sun off of windshields and roofs. With most school systems out during the first week in April, metro Atlantans mainly head to the Florida Panhandle. I haven’t visited the Panhandle in over ten years. Even back then, the area beaches, restaurants, shops and thoroughfares were crowded. I’m sure that these days, it’s quite packed.

If I had to get out of town during spring break, I would choose a trip to the North Georgia mountains or deeper into North Carolina. I love the beach, but not of the crowded variety. About four years ago, I embarked on a journey to the Raleigh area and points in between. It was delightful!

As the pollen-covered sedans, SUVs and minivans head to places like Florida, does life continue in the Atlanta metro area? I always compared the Atlanta metro area to my old college town of Athens, Ohio where there was always a mass exodus for times like Thanksgiving break, Easter weekend and especially the scorching summer months. After all, no one was really “from Athens” – just like very few are really “from Altanta.” The little town of Athens would become barren on those occasions.

Indeed life goes on here in the ATL with its brilliant pink dogwoods, crisp dew-infused mornings and bright sunny afternoons. Spring break is the preview to our lazy summer months. But, spring break is presenting disadvantages for those who would like to serve on our local city council. The Peachtree Corners city runoff elections will be held on Tuesday, April 3. It’s painfully obvious that turnout will be low. Hopefully, many of those who made out-of-town plans remembered to take advantage of the absentee ballots or voted early.

Still, we are experiencing a challenging economy with its escalating fuel prices. Will this be a typical spring break ghost town this year? We will see the results at the conclusion of the break. I have a feeling quite a number of folks wish to get out of town and get some beach time.

So if you’re headed out of town for the week, take your time, enjoy the scenery and drive carefully.


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