Early April thoughts

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I love early April — especially if we’re getting some much-needed rain. I could do without the intense lightning, wind and occasional tornado watches and warnings, but those unfortunate events come with the territory. It’s because of that rain, everything is in full bloom. I could do without the weeds, but those unsightly freaks of nature come with the territory. Speaking of unsightly freaks of nature, the squirrels are quite active. I caught one of the rodents flying from the edge of my roof over to a nearby dogwood. The silly short-haired furry creature nearly missed her branch, almost falling to the ground. She seemed confused by her own shenanigans and quickly composed herself by noshing on what else – an acorn for a change. Silly rodent!

We sprang forward and yes, I could do without losing that precious hour of sleep, but that too, comes with the territory. I’m able to breathe easy as I open the windows to usher in the fresh air after an early April rain. I’m also able to breathe easier on my walks, runs and cycle tours of the neighborhood.

Spring break snuck up on us. Our area held a runoff election during this quiet period. The concerned citizens – including myself — showed up to the polls. It took more time to sign up to vote by filling out paper forms and displaying our identifications to the poll workers, than it was to actually vote.

The schools are in their final weeks as students, instructors, teachers, administrators and support staff — begin to indulge in their own summer dreams. But first, there’s still work to be done until the end of the school season and for some, graduation. The rest of saps in the business world go about our daily lives only wishing to join in the same thoughts as those who are involved in the education sector.

Spring is an excellent time to find old friends. My friend of more than 30 years passed through town recently to perform music at a conference. The gorgeous weather only enhanced our quick reunion. I stress “quick” because I had to quickly see Chuck for a maximum of two hours since I had to get back up to the ‘burbs to get my daughter to cheerleader tryouts. I had to move as fast as one of the bright red cardinals that swoon through my backyard on a warm spring day.

Pollen covers our cars and decks when there’s no rain. But, look at the bright side because golf is in the spotlight with the Masters tournament in full force with all of its green and glory in Augusta. The boys of summer begin their work in the spring as baseball season is upon us. Also, TV season season-enders and finales are forthcoming. People are digging in the dirt. Folks are getting on the rivers and lakes. The birds are singing, the cats are caterwauling, the bees are stinging, the deer are eating our flowers and furry rodents are hopping. It doesn’t get any more “springy” than that. Indeed, spring has sprung.


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