CIDs are something to be proud of in Gwinnett

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Something warmed my heart this past week when I heard about the success of the Gwinnett Village CID. In times when there’s much negativity stalking our newspapers, Internet and other mediums, it’s inspiring to read that when folks of all stripes come together in a community, things happen like the Gwinnett Village CID.

A CID is a community improvement district which is a unique idea whereby business owners and leaders alike pool their resources to build towards transforming an area like Jimmy Carter Blvd and Indian Trail Road.

The Gwinnett Village CID is the brainchild of its executive director, Chuck Warbington, who has been saving this area along with many others. The CID is up for renewal. Warbington and others are confident that the CID’s renewal will pass. Why the confidence? It must be the love and dedication that these business owners and leaders have to these areas. Indeed, they could give up and let the weeds, kudzu and crime grow over the Jimmy Carter Boulevard area. Instead, the CID’s members are choosing optimism over pessimism, cynicism and a struggling economy.

So, those in the CID are conscientious about landscaping and upgrading aging structures. The CID even got the Gwinnett County Police Department’s quality of life unit got involved to increase patrols and enforce numerous codes.

Warbington and fellow CID members are also looking towards the future with an improved Jimmy Carter Boulevard bridge over I-85 and even a light-rail MARTA line servicing the area which is host to a plethora of walkers. In addition to those improvements, some are hopeful of a new gambling complex complete with a restaurant near Jimmy Carter Boulevard and the Global Mall. Imagine a shiny new bridge, rail service and gaming venue only minutes away for most Gwinnettians. For those farther away in the metro area and out of town, this idea would be a win-win with such easy access from I-85. If this happened, think of the expansion with more hotels, restaurants and other shops.

Sure, it’s a risk to put dollars into a CID which doesn’t guarantee returns, but something much bigger is happening in Gwinnett Village. It’s about making this area stronger and even more successful. The Gwinnett CID ought to be a shining beacon to the rest of metro Atlanta’s communities young and old; big and small. With perseverance, hard work and a love of community, people from all backgrounds and persuasions can band together to not only improve and maintain an area, but propose solid business plans that will expand the economy. There once was a water tower proclaiming the county’s success and that motto lives in the Gwinnett Village CID. Yes, there’s much work to be done, but the CID’s leaders and members ought to be proud!


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