Happy Father’s Day

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I was on my five-mile run as the sweet smells of both Dreamland BBQ and J. Alexander’s restaurants hit me.

“Really? It’s only 9 a.m. and they’re cooking up a storm,” I thought to myself.

It’s not fair to those of us who exercise on Peachtree Parkway. The last thing walkers, joggers, runners and cyclists need is a trigger for hunger pangs.

Another great reminder hit me on the run: “It is Father’s Day weekend.” What a nice surprise. Yes, it’s mid-June, we’re already hitting the 90s and it’s not officially summer yet. Nevertheless, Father’s Day reminds me that I’m thankful for spending it with special friends, family and most of all, my daughter.

To me, Father’s Day is more than partaking in the tool and clothing sales. Although, I confess that those specials always rope me in with their slick, splashy ads. Our modern-day “Mad Men” are definitely selling me on those awesome wingtips and power screwdrivers.

But, Father’s Day is not a reminder to our kids and families that they, “Better appreciate good ole Dad!” I’m not expecting a trophy for what I should do. Indeed, insert joke here: but a trophy would sure be nice since I fund just about everything! Sorry, I’m just not cynical.

Seriously, to me, being a dad is just being there to guide his child into developing good character, honesty, respect and hopefully inspiring them to become overall upstanding community members.

Father’s Day to me is simply spending the precious few moments that we have together as families and to simply take a pause, talk and appreciate what we have achieved up to this point. As I write this, summer officially begins Wednesday, June 20 at 7:09 p.m. The first day of summer will be the longest day of the year. That day will not give us extra seconds, minutes and hours. The year’s longest day will be a reminder that we need to take advantage of the extra sunlight that nature provides. And so summer reminds me that life flashes by quickly and to me, days like Father’s Day make me appreciate the time that we have with each other.

I’ll still take in a brunch at one of the local eateries that tease me with their sweet smells and check out the sales, but I’ll also be appreciative of all that is good.


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