Hurricane Isaac’s wrath is upon us

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ImageAs of this writing, Tropical Storm Isaac is speeding through the Caribbean’s warm waters. According to meteorologists and climatologists, Isaac will become a hurricane and could potentially impact Florida and eventually –us!

I repeat myself when I write that we could always use the rain to recharge Lake Lanier, but could do without the excessive winds and lightning – both a nightmare for homeowners, fire departments/rescue workers and insurance adjusters.

There’s another mantra that I love to repeat: Carpe Diem, meaning: seize the day. At the moment — here in mid-to-late August — we cannot complain too much about the weather. We have had a nice respite from the humidity and extreme heat that we experienced earlier this summer. Taking a break from the “Dog Days of August” puts me in a positive mindset where I can enjoy outdoor activity and cease from cranking the air conditioning every other minute. My electric bill might be getting a little bit of a reduction, but not my fuel costs – or any other bills for that matter.

Even though I’m appreciating these “calm before the storm” moments, I dread all of us “getting our comeuppance” for enjoying the slightly cooler August temperatures. I do not look forward to shielding myself from monsoon-like conditions with umbrellas and by taking cover way too much. Driving in wet conditions is whole other animal. The metro area hits an imaginary panic button and all havoc breaks out on the roadways. But then again, many metro drivers take dry sunny days for granted which also spells disaster when we least expect it to occur.

It was just about three years ago when we were dealing with massive rains and floods. That weather event put an end to a drought, but left many tragic scars. We reflect and attempt to learn what we could have done to better prepare for such an event.

At this time, forecasters are unsure if Hurricane Isaac will impact the Republican National Convention in Tampa before “he” heads our way. Right now, the show will most likely go on even if a category one hurricane is spinning off of Florida’s west coast. If Isaac drenches the Tampa area during the convention, hopefully Tampa is prepared for the potential weather event as well as attendees and participants.

For now, I’ll enjoy the “calm before the storm” and seize the day.

  1. Great post! I only have one question. If you had to choose between the east coast weather and that which we grew up in Cleveland, which would you choose?

    • I’m torn on that one, but I honestly do not miss the snow and extreme cold. There is no perfect situation. I obviously deal with heat better than cold these days. We are more prone to severe storms that contain high winds and twisters. Certainly Cleveland isn’t immune from those weather events, but severe damaging weather seems more prevalent in the Southeast.

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