Autumn’s beauty and wrath

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Hurricane Sandy mixed with a plethora of national and international events makes autumn 2012 a perfect storm for the time capsule. It has certainly kept folks busy in many sectors. During these heady times, it’s nice to retreat in our little suburban corner of the world to focus on autumn and the subsequent cooler months. At the moment, leaves, costumes, high school and college football, pumpkins, apple and arts fests and the annual trick or treat events are a brief respite from the hurricane.

Don’t get me wrong. We should never forget about the nasty weather and its aftermath that is affecting our neighbors to the northeast as we hope and pray that everyone will be OK. After all, they’re there for us when the bad weather rolls in from Alabama and devastates the PeachState. It’s inspiring to see how we come together in tough times. That fact is something that this nation should never forget.

While there’s so much weather nastiness – and nastiness with other events at the moment, it’s nice to stroll in the solitude of the autumn eve with those close to us while peering at the full moon and listening to the sounds of crickets, owls and the occasional canine barking or feline caterwauling into the night.

In autumn, families of deer are a bit more active while the squirrels are caught “red-handed” with mouthfuls of acorns as the little tree-dwelling rodents hide their goods, build their nests and wreak havoc on the land. The winds and cold are a bit much for the squirrels, so they look for warmth elsewhere such as our gutters or worse yet, our homes’ crawl spaces. The leaves and pine straw blanket the landscape as so many of us decorate for Halloween. We carved up a nice pumpkin this year thanks to Cami’s stencil set.

I love the chill in the air which is great for exercising as well as cooking up pots of chili, or soup. For those warm weather lovers, do not fret because in the grand scheme of things, the autumn and winter seasons are brief for us in this region. There’s no doubt that we will experience several warm-ups as we head towards spring.

Indeed, the next few months are not all that rosy as we must crank up the furnaces. In addition to higher natural gas bills, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can get the best of some of us. As so many of us know, there are plenty of “light therapies” out there to battle SAD. Also, here’s hoping that we will not be devastated by another ice and/or snow event late this year or early next year.

For now, I say enjoy wearing those sweaters and cords, indulging in the heavier scrumptious fare, outdoor chill and earlier darkness.



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