Loving autumn

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Is it just me or has Christmas come too early? Don’t get me wrong because it is a special time of year, but not really in late October/early November. The music is already piping into the stores. Stockings festoon the drugstores. Card sections are flooded with cute musical jingle greetings. Displays featuring ingredients to deck out homes with festive gear are taking up space in the local drugstores. The Jimmy Fallon Capital One commercials have already gone festive. Even TV personality/media mogul Ryan Seacrest is tweeting about the early Christmas. It all seems so forced upon us.

Certainly it’s nice to know that the holiday season is going to be upon us, but putting up the visuals in early November kind of spoils the special feelings that come with it. For now, I enjoy those autumn moments – knowing that we are far from summer’s humidity. Enjoying the moment does not come easy. I have to make several reminders to take in the moment during hectic days. Typically, I have to remember to take in those crisp cool afternoons while gazing at fall’s colors, tumbling leaves and soaking in the silence.

As most of us know, the deer are even more active at this time of the year. While taking in an early evening run, a family of deer crossed in front of me leaving their little fawn behind. I stayed in place, ushering their young one to cross, but the little deer was afraid. I went forth on my physical journey — knowing full well that the fawn proceeded across the road to another wooded area.

Outdoor activity is far better at this time of the year since where mostly humidity-free and without an intense sun. There is a note here: We still need sun protection even in autumn. Also, it’s important to warm up to prevent injury and dress accordingly to the season. While the air seems a bit cleaner, I occasionally catch a whiff of a mélange of burning leaves and what could be something a tad toxic.

Yes, I’m not a fan of darkness falling upon us at an earlier hour in November. The early darkness sometimes leads to the autumn blues. I try to bring more light and music into my spaces to battle the gloomier days. Still, I think that fall’s advantages outweigh its few disadvantages. Even if there are days in which I am not too crazy about autumn and winter’s colder days, I try to tell myself that down here in the South, that it is all a small part of the year.

So, is it possible to delay this whole early Christmas thing? That’s doubtful, but we all can enjoy the moment.

  1. I love autumn. I live in Oregon so we don’t have much in the way of humidity ever, but I love Fall none the less. Over the last five years I’ve really noticed how soon after Haloween the Christmas push begins and it IS frustrating. Let us be thankful for here, and now and not rush to the end of the year. Wishing you a continued lovely autumn.

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