Endless options

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The choices are endless: spa, soft, firm or even “memory.” Who knew that buying a pillow at the local retailer would induce this much stress? Yes, there I said it: stress.

“What stress?” one might ask.

My reply: Stress from too many choices. It seems that with retail progress — with all of its intentions to cater to the individual — creates stress. All I wanted to do was buy a nice pillow since so many of my “slumber tools” date back to the days of leg warmers and hair mullets. Well, they’re not quite that old, but you get the point.

Acquiring bedding materials is not exactly at the forefront of my busy mind these days, but I’ve been getting better. I bought myself a new mattress last year and I recently bought my daughter a new mattress. Mattress buying has become complicated over the years with its array of choices, but going into those stores, I wasn’t surprised. I know that these days there are the basic mattresses and there are those “Cadillac” ones that need their own mortgages.

The mattress stores have” trained sleep professionals,” otherwise known as mattress salespeople. These “mattress technicians” are the anointed ones who make the dream of a new mattress a reality. The mattress industry is a world unto itself complete with those non-stop President’s Day sales and even, dare I say it: corruption. Yes, there are places that refurbish mattresses and do not even inform the customers of such illicit activities. I’m sure that those stories have been covered a billion times during rating sweeps week on local television news programs. I think I recall reporters going undercover in those “mattress sweatshops.” I’m certain that mattress shopping was not this complicated in my parents’ time.

While purchasing my daughter’s new sheets and comforter at the local retailer, I decided to look for better pillows. Just like many other products, there has to be an endless selection between brands, sizes and in this case, “feel.” The new kid on the block seems to be the Memory Foam “model.”  So, technology has merged with pillows since it is supposed to “remember me?” No, the Memory Foam pillow contains special material that contours to the head. Evidently, these pillows surround one’s head thus leaving an imprint perhaps deep enough for a medical school to study the shape of the sleeper’s noggin. I’m not quite sure what a spa-type pillow is, but I am guessing it’s one that attempts to make the consumer feel like she or he is transported to an island resort.

I settled on the firm pillow since that matches my firm mattress. When I settled on the firm mattress, I was skeptical to go with that style. To me, it sounded like I was committing myself to sleeping on a rock. Over a year later, I like the support firm provides. Unlike the mattress store where I can “test the beds out,” I was unable to find a comfy spot over at the retailer to try the new firm pillow out. I’ll just have to roll the dice and hope that my new pillow will provide the comfort that I so desire.

Obviously, endless choices do not end in the bedding industry. One just needs to look around at the array of electronic tablets, laundry detergents, soups, drain openers, mobile phones, toilet paper  and so much more. Indeed progress brings us more choices and that’s a good thing, but it’s still stressful.  I’ll deal with it by turning down the lights and listen to some good soft music, but whose music should I listen to at this moment? Oh, the choices!


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