Roller coaster weather month

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 March is a roller coaster weather month. Certainly it’s no surprise for those of us in the northern part of the Peach State, but somehow March 2013 has been quite different. One day we’re celebrating a beautiful spring day and the next, it’s back to blowing cold and wearing the parkas. The calendar stated that it was spring in late March, but the outdoor temps disagreed on several days, making many of us question the validity of the calendar.

 I’m not complaining about the recent cold, windy days, just observing the patterns and also reminding myself that the heat and humidity are right around the corner.

March and April are tough for those with green thumbs. It’s tempting to start gardening at this time of the year when those sunny days arrive. It must be a dilemma for those who wish to plant the flowers and veggies.  I suppose some of the more reliable, advantageous outdoor activities at the moment must be car washing and deck staining.

Speaking of vegetation and planting, I was never aware of  indoor plants and flowers. Well, there was that time years ago when actor/director Clint Eastwood did televised public service announcements about how wrong it is to punch out a flower. Clint made me appreciative of the flowers’ beauty, but still, I was never into decorating my living quarters with flowers. Indeed, flowers are not exactly a “guy thing,” so add that into the mix and one could understand why it has been so difficult for me to accept them into my home.

 For the past year and a half, Cami has made me more aware of flowers. These days, whenever I’m at Publix, I stop by the floral area and enjoy the arrangements. Sometimes, I actually purchase them! Cami bought the latest collection which I must share in this space. I’ve had many flowers fill my kitchen area, but this arrangement caught my eye with it’s perfect bright hues.

I was always puzzled by the term, “spring cleaning.” Shouldn’t we all be cleaning throughout the year? Terms like that remind me of my 10th grade French teacher who once pondered the question to the class and said, “Why do we drink cold drinks in the winter time?” Indeed, I learned enough French to get around Paris about 11 years later courtesy of my teacher, but I also learned some deep philosophy from him which I will apply here. So, why do we make a huge deal out of cleaning in the spring? Well, my theory is that on those days when the sun breaks through the windows, its golden rays rudely shed light on what needs to be cleaned which is just about everything no matter how clean one keeps a home.

One quickly learns that the dust factor in any house or building is much higher than one thinks in the spring. After dusting, the carpet and drapes could all use a good shampoo. Once things are cleaned, spring is a great time to de-clutter. I’m pretty sure most folks engage in spring cleaning, making it a bit more busy at the local carpet cleaning shops and Goodwill. I’m sure those folks get ready for the extra spring activity just like the air-conditioning pros who are now going around to check systems and inform owners that new filters are in order to rid our spaces of mold and dust, or at least to reduce the mold and dust. It will never be 100 percent clear of those offenders since the pollen will soon be blanketing our fair city and its way into our houses and places of work, shopping and dining.

Even with a tad lower average temps than normal, spring fever is here starting with spring break and marching towards the end of yet another school year and the start of a new Major League Baseball season. So, enjoy the spring with its strong sunshine (and hopefully few or no severe weather days) and happy cleaning.



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