Independence Day

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageThere are those moments when I feel that the Fourth of July eclipses Independence Day. The Fourth of July is about the fireworks, food, run/walk races, concerts, baseball games and this year, the weather. There’s nothing wrong any of that because we could all use some fun and frolic at this time of the year. But it seems that we’re forgetting Independence Day.  No, we’re not exactly forgetting the nation’s history (although that can be improved), but something else has been forgotten:  the individual independent spirit.

The nation celebrates its independence, but how is the individual doing with that idea? After all, it would have been much more difficult for citizens to discover the individual spirit without  an independent country. The individual independent spirit is what has made this nation great with leaders in all fields. Those type of individuals have always been willing to forge their own paths by being original. It takes a degree of risk to be original, but it also takes passion.  We all have that independent spirit, but how far are all of us willing to take that passion?

There’s been much talk over the years about how this nation needs to compete in the world by improving everything from health care to education. What doesn’t get much mention is nurturing the individual independent spirit. Without individual independence, America  is not the best it can be thus not allowing that nation to reach its full potential. Individuality is where the United States has thrived. The country can thrive even more so by building upon this concept.

Indeed this is not say that the idea of nurturing the individual independent is anti-community. Rather, more independent thinkers improve the community and nation at large. So, how is your individual independent spirit doing on this Independence Day?

What’s also so incredible about Independence Day are the countless heartwarming tributes to those who serve/served and protect/protected the nation. Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day provide citizens the opportunity to remember those who gave and still give so much/all.

Like all holidays, be safe on this Fourth of July.


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