Be careful what you pray for?

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I have a confession to make: the rain has to go, now! Indeed it’s all easier said than done, but with trees toppling, cars sliding off the roads and the recent floods up there in Gilmer County, I honestly think the metro area has had enough.

 Yes, I know, it’s all wishful thinking to ask for the rain to simply stay away, but I’m afraid we will all have to build boats or perhaps arks quite soon. Does anyone remember that a governor asked us to pray for rain a few years back? Well, be careful what you pray for, right? I never thought I would hope for less rain, but so much of it at once is downright dangerous. Certainly we need the water, but we do not need the tragedies.

A few days ago, I almost wished that I had a boat to get home. I somehow meandered up I-85 through Spaghetti Junction over to I-285 West, exiting at Buford Highway. While those roads seemed to be ready to turn into rivers, it was getting worse on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard (PIB) on the edge of Doraville. The already-poor drainage was choking up the road causing accidents going into Gwinnett County.  I avoided a chunk of PIB as I was able to get over to the southern half of Peachtree Corners Circle (PCC) near the Norcross Inn. As PCC was quite water-filled, I was in a near rain white-out. Even with those conditions, I spotted a number of folks simply going about their business at the A-1 Market and even crossing PCC near the Autumn Trace townhomes. Once I crossed over Holcomb Bridge Road, the rain was tapering off and it was just about dry once I passed Spalding. It’s incredible how one can drive through a massive rain storm and not far down the road, it’s bone dry.

With all of that said, the rain is causing the greenery to grow way too fast – thus making it tough to find the dry times to prune, trim and generally clean-up before the next rain storm. When you can find the time to do the work, it’s so humid that the snakes wish to make an appearance to “help out in the yard.” I’m jesting about the snakes of course, but I swear I thought I saw a neighborhood squirrel with a snake in its mouth. Being the edgy one, I chased the squirrel to find out what it had in its mouth. The squirrel dropped the goods which was thankfully a large load of twigs.

Still, I’m quite certain the lizards, snakes and frogs are having field day as well as our insect population including the roaches, ants and mosquitoes- some of which might carry the West Nile Virus, but most are of the Asian Tiger variety which supposedly do not carry the virus.

OK, so who is ready for some autumn, cooler temps and football? Count me in and let’s hopefully pray for less rain, but then again, be careful for what you pray for these days?


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