Peachtree Corners organization to celebrate its 20th year with a Gala

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Incredibly local, but totally proud of this event:

There are those days when it’s hard to believe how time flies. Somehow saying that I moved to Peachtree Corners over 24 years ago sounds incredibly strange to me. Indeed I know there are a great handful of folks who have been in the area probably twice that long and fondly remember skinny county roads — well before Paul Duke’s vision came to fruition. Peachtree Corners’ growth has been in overdrive ever since those Tech Park campuses have been created. Non-stop business creation along with home and school building characterize how this once little bedroom community has blossomed into a bona-fide city. Indeed Peachtree Corners is on the map. But it all couldn’t have been possible without a local organization known as the UPCCA. The United Peachtree Corners Civic Association was created by concerned citizens who were dedicated to preserving and improving the excellent quality of life in Peachtree Corners. So it is with great honor (and a bit of “shock and awe” to me and perhaps others) that the organization turns 20 this year.

To celebrate the UPCCA’s milestone achievement, a unique celebration called The UPCCA 20th Anniversary Gala will be held on Saturday, October 26 from 6:30 to 11:00PM. Attendees will be treated to delectable hors d’oeuvres, a seated dinner, cash bar and even a delicious birthday cake complete with what else? 20 candles. The UPCCA 20th Anniversary Gala promises to be a classy affair on the level of a wedding. The celebration will be held at the Marriott Peachtree Corners. The evening will be filled with fun and festivities including music, dancing, a green screen and an awards ceremony. The awards categories include: Business-Neighborhood Partnership, Difference Maker, UPCCA Champion, Rising Star, Community Partner and the Paul Duke Lifetime Achievement Award and more.  If you’re into incredible festive décor, Adams Apples  will deck the Marriott ballroom to the nines. There’s no doubt that this entire event will be spectacular!

For more information and to purchase tickets online, visit 

The UPCCA 20th Anniversary Celebration includes The City of Peachtree Corners as the Guiding Light Sponsor. Adams Applesand The Paul Duke Family on the “Laser Light” level.  Event planners are seeking additional door prizes valued at $25 or more. If anyone is interested, please contact Judy Jay at or phone 770-241-5955.   

Certainly the north coast of Ohio is my childhood stomping grounds, but at this point in my life, I have lived longer in the Atlanta metro area. Like so many others in Peachtree Corners, I have been proud to call it home. After living in an area apartment and townhouse in the late ’80s/early ’90s, I settled into a home and soon discovered that an organization was created, the UPCCA — better known as The United Peachtree Corners Civic Association. I was comforted to about the UPCCA’s existence. Just a few years before the Internet became the dominant form of communication across the world, the UPCCA was sending out its newsletters through good old-fashioned postal mail. The organization kept me and scores of other residents updated on how its members engaged in community outreach and beautification projects. The organization only strengthened through the years and was the catalyst for what would become the City of Peachtree Corners. The UPCCA  is something that we in Peachtree Corners ought to be proud of and celebrate. Why not do it in style on October 26th?


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