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This week I’m taking the train a bit more due to much higher gas prices. Getting to work in the morning is usually hassle-free. If the train isn’t at the Doraville platform, I’m greeted by a cool breeze in the early a.m. hours. MARTA whisks me downtown within 30 minutes — even with the change at Five Points which at that time, doesn’t smell like the basement of a KFC.

Going home in the early afternoon is another story. Yesterday, the trains were packed with conference attendees and students. Still, the ride wasn’t too bad except for a strange thing that happened at Peachtree Center. I think a fellow passenger was trying to grab the bar behind me, but ended up almost hugging me instead. Another passenger noticed and said, “I think he tried to hug you.” I replied, “I could always use a little love.”

When the train approached the Brookhaven area in the ATL, I noticed (as I wrote in my recent Tweet) that some gas stations were completely out. Hurricane Ike has definitely left his mark here in the Peach State. The good news is that our temps. are finally going down — hopefully for a very long time.