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Aunt Rose from Solvang called last night.

“I’m concerned about him, Bobby,” she said.
“Who are you worried about?” I asked.
“I just saw John McCain give a speech on TV today,” she said. “His skin doesn’t look well.”
“I’m sure the McCains are taking care of it,” I reassured her.
“You’re in the PR business Bobby. Surely you know someone on his campaign,” Rose replied.
“Honestly Aunt Rose, I don’t know anyone close to the McCains,” I said.
“I mean, there’s no way that I’m voting for him, but still, he’s human and I know just the thing that can treat his condition,” she said.
“I don’t think I’ll ask about the course of treatment,” I said.
“If he just drank 5 cups of green tea and took a series of special vitamin shots…” Rose said as she shuffled through a mountain of papers in her kitchen. “Here is the name of the manufacturer of those shots. They are out of town in your state. I think you pronounce it Dawl-on-ayga?”
“It’s Dahlonega, Rose,” I answered.

I was finally able to get some quiet time on this Friday evening. Jenny went out shopping for shoes and Nancy was at a pizza/roller skating party. So, I popped open a bottle of Merlot and cracked out the old Hall and Oates tapes. I have no idea why I’m admitting this here, but I cannot stress how I was enjoying myself after a long week of writing releases. Here I was on a Friday evening, actually considering Aunt Rose’s advice to Senator McCain.

“I’ll look into it,” I said while looking at the track listing to Private Eyes.
“Oh, he’s such a good man, Bobby. I don’t understand why he’s been doing what he’s been doing,” Rose said.
“I don’t think any of the moves he’s made in the campaign has been his choice,” I explained. “You see, he has a lot of advisers and they pretty much come up with the ideas.”
“Like that Karl Rove fella?” she asked?
“Yes, kind of like Karl Rove,” I replied. “They are the folks who came up with the idea to put Sarah Palin on the ticket and tell everyone how much Barack Obama wants to spread the wealth.”
“I don’t believe John McCain means any of that garbage for a minute!” she said in an innocent way.
“Yes, politics is a dirty business Aunt Rose. Maybe the stress of it all is getting to Senator McCain,” I said.
Rose agreed with that hypothesis and it seemed like that was going to be the end of the conversation. Next up in the tape deck: H20.
I’m so ready for this all to end and for Senator McCain to go back to his doctor.